Raspberry Pi Server housing

Raspberry Pi on Rails – on DIN rails

Whoever tried to get a decent housing for hers/his Raspberry Pi zoo knows the struggle to find something that is stackable, fire-proof and stable. Well, I found something that makes a great housing for some Raspberry Pis – DIN rail enclosures  (Hutschienengehäuse in German) in Distribution boards (Verteiler-Kasten).

What to buy?

DIN Rail enclosures

At first you need to know for which model you need an enclosure – Raspberry Pi A and B 1.0 enclosures are hard to find nowadays and have the disadvantage of the yellow FBAS connector being larger than the board itself.

Then you have to decide for an orientation – there are three different enclosures around: vertical, horizontal and sideways. Vertical is the normal orientation (Link to Amazon). Horizontal orientation is less common and has disadvantages as the cables are sideways and it consumes more space (Link to Reichelt). The sideways option looks promising at first as it seems to consume only little space, but it does not fit into a distribution board (Link to Bedek).

Distribution boards

Distribution boards can be found in nearly every household as it contains the circuit breaker. Please don’t use these, high voltage can make you crisp and ugly, so leave these alone and use a separate one.


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